Open Source Deployment, Customization & Integration

Autoize Europe makes it simple to deploy open source applications on privacy-respecting & secure server environments. With a history of centuries of neutrality and among the strongest privacy laws in the world, Switzerland is a safe haven for protecting your data.


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Are you an agency or MSP who wants to resell open source applications to your customers? Let us build you a high-performance hosting environment where you can easily deploy multiple instances of leading apps including Mautic, NextCloud, and Rocket Chat.

If you are an end user looking to deploy any open source application for use by your internal teams, you’ve come to the right place. We take care of installing, securing, and backing up your instance and provisioning the right amount of resources for the desired number of users.

Our engineers are skilled in troubleshooting common problems with open source apps deployed on any cloud platform. Are your users complaining about problems sending emails, timeouts, or similar issues? Give us a message and we are ready to help.

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Control over data is becoming a more relevant concern in light of the EU GDPR and data protection laws at the national level. We believe that no business should be excluded from the modern conveniences of cloud-based applications to maintain the privacy of their customers.

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Managed IT Provider

Managed service providers (MSPs) can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their customers by introducing open source alternatives to SaaS offerings. We take the pain out of maintaining the infrastructure, so selling open source applications is as simple as earning commissions from a traditional partner program.

Web/Marketing Agency

For most web development and marketing agencies, infrastructure is not the core competency of their employees. Let us help by providing ready-to-go, open source applications that can supplement your service income with monthly recurring revenue (MRR). We handle the technical support for the end users so you won’t have to.

End User Organization

Looking for a service provider who can partner with you as an outsourced IT team, or an extension of your IT department? Before going with hosted applications that lock-in your data with high costs, consider deploying an open source alternative on an IaaS cloud platform giving you the ultimate control over costs & security.