Looking for a service provider who can partner with you as an outsourced IT team, or an extension of your IT department? Before going with hosted applications that lock-in your data with high costs, consider deploying an open source alternative on an IaaS cloud platform giving you the ultimate control over costs & security.

Open Source Collaboration Tools

G Suite and Office 365 Alternative

Choosing the best cloud provider for your needs, and rolling out an open source application can be challenging. As a cloud consultant & systems integrator, we assist with migrating on-premises servers or subscription services such as G Suite and Office 365, to open source alternatives including NextCloud, Collabora Office, OnlyOffice, and Mailcow.

NextCloud, OnlyOffice, Mailcow, RocketChat

European Cloud Hosting Providers

Exoscale, Hetzner, UpCloud

To keep data stored within Europe for privacy & data sovereignty reasons, Autoize recommends European cloud providers including Exoscale, Hetzner, and UpCloud with datacenter regions in:

  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Helsinki, Finland

The cloud providers will enter into a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with your organization to help facilitate compliance with the GDPR.

Depending how many users you plan to onboard and the storage capacity required, we design a cloud architecture that is tailored to your needs and balances scalability, reliability, and cost savings. Autoize delivers enterprise-grade support for the community edition of open source apps, with no per-user or named contact fees.

Support for “Community Edition” Open Source Apps

We adapt the community editions of open source apps for scalable, highly available deployments, with the management tools such as LDAP/AD integration and role-based access control (RBAC) that enterprises expect. When you run an open source app in production for business-critical needs, relying on volunteer support from GitHub or the community forum is simply not adequate. Instead, turn to Autoize as an affordable alternative to an enterprise support subscription which does not require a long-term commitment.

For a predictable, per-project fee, Autoize implements any open source app for your desired number of users. You are not obliged to pay any recurring fees besides the cloud usage costs directly to the cloud provider. The infrastructure is deployed within your cloud account, and you have complete control and ownership. There are no license keys or activation servers that would prevent you from continuing to use the software as long as you wish. When required, you may request support from our team for updates & server maintenance on an a la carte basis.

Contact us for a quote for implementing any open source application.