Open Source Deployment, Customization & Integration

Autoize Europe makes it simple to deploy open source applications on privacy-respecting & secure server environments. With a history of centuries of neutrality and among the strongest privacy laws in the world, Switzerland is a safe haven for protecting your data.

Host Our Applications In Any Cloud

Control over data is becoming a more relevant concern in light of the EU GDPR and data protection laws at the national level. We believe that no business should be excluded from the modern conveniences of cloud-based applications to maintain the privacy of their customers.

Definitive Guide to using Minio as NextCloud Primary Storage

Minio is an on-premises object storage server that can be deployed as a Minio cluster (with local storage) or as a gateway to other object storage services with their own API such as Backblaze B2, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. Because Minio exposes a S3 compatible endpoint, virtually any application that supports the AWS SDK can be integrated with it. According to Minio, half of the Fortune 500 have deployed Minio for storage, including for cloud-native workloads such as Kubernetes.

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NextCloud as a Tor Hidden (.onion) Service

When most people think about the dark web, they think it’s a sketchy place where the ne’er-do-wells of the Internet gather. Despite its negative connotations to the less informed, the dark web made up of Tor hidden services has legitimate purposes. What is a Tor hidden service? It is a web server listening on the Tor network at an .onion address instead of a standard domain name like .com or .org. All of the traffic to and from a hidden service are end-to-end encrypted through Tor relays – without the need for an SSL certificate.

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ProtonMail vs Self Hosted Email in Switzerland

ProtonMail is the most well known encrypted email service in Switzerland, and perhaps the world. It began as a crowdfunded project initiated by a team of researchers at CERN, growing into the full-fledged email service it is today. Like we mentioned earlier, we love ProtonMail and their contribution to the browser-based encryption library, OpenPGP.js. What fewer people know though is that it’s possible to host your own email server in Switzerland – and use OpenPGP and/or S/MIME to exchange encrypted email.

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