If you are an end user looking to deploy any open source application for use by your internal teams, you’ve come to the right place. We take care of installing, securing, and backing up your instance and provisioning the right amount of resources for the desired number of users.

NextCloud – Self Hosted Cloud Storage

NextCloud - Self Hosted Cloud StorageNextCloud is an open source cloud storage and groupware solution adopted by numerous European governments (France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden), universities, and research institutes including TU Berlin and CERN. With official plugins such as Mail, Calendar, and Talk, NextCloud is not simply a Dropbox or Google Drive alternative. Third-party plugins such as Passman and PhoneTrack provide password management and location tracking, as alternatives to LastPass or Google Location History. NextCloud is a full-featured productivity hub, with end-to-end encryption options, that scales out to hundreds or thousands of users through cluster and federation support.

Ransomware protection, file retention, and LDAP/AD integration are among the features of NextCloud that help keep your valuable data safe from unauthorized access or intentional sabotage by malicious actors. Backup and replication strategies such as zfs or btrfs snapshotting, lsyncd live sync, SQL replication of metadata, and rsync backups to an off-site location are adopted as extra lines of defense against data loss.

Collabora Office or OnlyOffice – Self Hosted Office Suite

OnlyOfficeCollabora Office or OnlyOffice are web-based, online office suites which integrate with NextCloud to provide viewing, editing, and real-time collabration on Open Document Format and Microsoft Open XML Format (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collabora and OnlyOffice are both open source applications hosted on your server, preventing the collection of telemetry data by Google Docs or Office 365.

Mailcow – Self Hosted Email Server

Mailcow - Self Hosted Email ServerMailcow is a software stack with everything you need to host a mail server, including Postfix, Dovecot, and rspamd. Using any email client including Apple Mail, Outlook, or Thunderbird, users can access their inboxes over IMAP or ActiveSync. The SOGo Groupware app provides webmail, CalDAV, and CardDAV access with a Material Design interface. Support for custom SMTP transports and backup MX relays allows Mailcow to match the reliability of G Suite Gmail or Office 365 Exchange. Create unlimited inboxes and aliases at your domain, or add multiple domains to your Mailcow instance, with no per-user or per-domain cost.

RocketChat – Self Hosted Team Chat

RocketChat - Self Hosted Team ChatRocketChat is a team chat software based on the Meteor server and MongoDB that can scale from a small team, to thousands of users for a community chat. Unlike the free tier of Slack, you are not limited to searching just the 10,000 most recent messages. Admins and moderators are in complete control with permissions to prevent public rooms from being renamed or deleted. Uploaded files are stored in S3 compatible object storage, with a configurable size limit. RocketChat’s integration with Jitsi Meet provides an open source video conferencing option that’s encrypted from hop-to-hop. RocketChat is trusted by large corporations including Canonical, Daimler, HTC, Intel, RedHat, Nationwide Insurance, NCR, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, and many more.

Zulip – Self Hosted Threaded Team Chat

Zulip - Self Hosted Threaded Team ChatZulip is a team chat software with a unique approach, to combine real-time messaging with an email threading model. Have you ever scrolled through a channel or used the search feature to no avail, when trying to pull up a conversation from hours, or days ago? Zulip can be accessed from a web, desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), or mobile (iOS or Android) interface, enabling your users to stay productive from any device. Zulip is used by teams in large organizations, including Akamai, MariaDB, and the Wikimedia Foundation. Zulip relies on a PostgreSQL backend, and the server can be installed directly on a virtual machine, or using a Docker container.

Discourse – Self Hosted Community Forum

DiscourseDiscourse is an open source community forum software for facilitating threaded discussions with a responsive, mobile-friendly interface. It can be used for internal teams, customer communities, and much more. Features such as a Trust System, where users earn posting privileges as they participate, Community Moderation for flagging harmful content, and an Akismet-based Spam Filter are designed to streamline the day-to-day work required of moderators and community managers to nurture a healthy community. Single Sign On (SSO) with OAuth based authentication and notification integration with chat apps, eliminate the friction of using Discourse in a user’s workflow – thereby encouraging participation.

Mautic – Self Hosted Marketing Automation

Mautic Logo - Self Hosted Marketing AutomationMautic, maintained by Acquia (the creators of Drupal), is an open source marketing automation tool with no limit to the number of contacts you can opt-in and send targeted email to using custom workflows. Mautic is a powerful contact/lead management platform where you have an individualized view of your potential customers, similar to HubSpot, Marketo, or the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The Mautic tracking code integrates with virtually any website or CMS. It records every web page or downloadable asset that a contact consumes, and associates it with their email engagement and social activity. Mautic supports integration with Salesforce and other CRMs to sync contact data and help coordinate sales/marketing actvities.

Matomo – Self Hosted Web Analytics

MatomoMatomo, formerly Piwik, is an open source, self hosted analytics tool that serves as a replacement to Google Analytics. Matomo can scale across multiple servers with a MariaDB Galera database backend, to provide 100% accurate, non-sampled reports for over 5 billion monthly page views – similar to Google Analytics Premium, but at a much lower cost. For organizations who cannot use Google Analytics due to privacy concerns, Matomo visit logs remain exclusively on your server, with an IP anonymization option to help facilitate GDPR compliance. Matomo provides a real-time view of your website’s visitors, in addition to retaining as much historical data for reporting & analysis as you require. Pages viewed, time spent, entry/exit pages, country/region, search engine keyword, source/referrer data, actions, goal tracking, and many other metrics are at your disposal with Matomo.