For most web development and marketing agencies, infrastructure is not the core competency of their employees. Let us help by providing ready-to-go, open source applications that can supplement your service income with monthly recurring revenue (MRR). We handle the technical support for the end users so you won’t have to.

If you run an agency, you know the pain of managing client logins to different web hosting accounts. Asking for logins from your clients, and emailing them back-and-forth between your team members is insecure. It also wastes admin time that could be turned into billable hours, generating more revenue for your agency.

Web developers know the frustration of working in client environments without the correct dependencies installed for their projects. Often, customers only have a production environment, without a staging environment that can be easily torn down and recreated for development & testing purposes.

Developers experience a sharp decrease in productivity when they have to wait for permission to set up a staging environment. When the staging environment doesn’t perfectly match the production environment, unanticipated problems frequently occur when new code is deployed to production.

When your agency has its own custom hosting environment using Docker containers, it can instantly create identical environments already set up with all of your developer’s tools. When new commits are ready to be merged to a live environment, the developer simply has to build a custom Docker image with the updates, push it to a private registry, and re-deploy the production containers.

Even if your marketing agency does not do custom development, it can benefit from a Docker cluster to host customer websites and applications. Many web hosting companies overcrowd their servers with too many high-traffic websites, causing performance to suffer and negatively impact your client’s SEO and conversion rates. It is estimated every 1s in additional load time results in 7% lower conversions on an e-commerce website.

Exoscale, Hetzner, UpCloudBesides hosting WordPress or other CMS websites, a Docker cluster also enables your agency to resell open source apps, such as Mautic marketing automation to your agency clients.